The Art of Skeltonizing leaves was very popular in the Victorian era in the United States. Stereviews were also popular.The subject of Phantom Bouquets were often captured. AMAZING arrangements of Phantom leaves were used to memorialize dignitaries of that period. I have an extensive collection and will share some of my favorites. Most of these arrangements were done by I.L. Rogers from Springfield Massachusette.  Mrs Rogers patented an improved method for skeletonizing leaves in 1877.

The term "Phantom leaves" was (I believe) coined by Edward Parrish. Mr. Parrish a prominent Philadelphian wrote a book entitled the Phantom Bouquet.

I have done extensive research on the Art and am always interested in more. If you have any knowledge of people, places or things that relate to the this wonderful antique art, I would love to here about it! Just send me an e-mail/phone call from my contact page.

Hope you enjoy!

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