Eve - Leaf Dress

In fashion, a small understated form fitting all black dress is known simply as an LBD or Little Black Dress. When I conceived of this series it only seemed appropriate it start with an LBD or in this case Leafy Black Dress.  It was essentially reverse engineered from there.

For practical and ideological reasons I had been unable to complete a piece, until now.  Over 10 years in the making, the first of the Leaf dress series has come to fruition.  In 1994 I was introduced to the Victorian art of skeletonized leaves by an amateur woodturner acquaintance.  I was immediately struck by its creative potential. We quickly formed a symbiotic collaborative relationship. With partnerships come compromises.  After successively working together for   10 years it was decided it best to go our creative separate ways.  The newfound creative freedom has been invigorating to say the least.

I am thrilled to showcase this first in a series of full scale sculptural dresses of phantom leaves.

Michael Sage is an artist whose work is carried in some of the finest galleries across the country.  With a degree in the Arts and an emphasis on fine woodworking, Michael has pursued a lifelong love of the Art of Nature.  This was not a conscious decision, it was innate I have no choice but to create and am in constant awe and inspiration of the world around us, from the micro to the macro level.

The creative potential for the skeleton leaves has only begun to be explored!!!!!! You ain't seen nothing yet!!!!!.............Which just so happens to be the title of my next dress!

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