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The History of the Art

The antique Art of skeletonizing leaves was understood and practised by the Chinese during the Ming Dynasty. There are a couple old books that were published in the Victorian "hay day" of leaf skeletonizing. First was published in Philadelphia (1863) by Edward Parrish, a noted pharmacist  living in Philadelphia PA. The book is entitled "Phantom Bouquet" it is a rare book but can sometimes be found at old book stores. The second was published in Boston a year later in 1864. It is an entitled: "Phantom Flowers and Skeleton Leaves". It proclaims a treatise on the Art of producing skeleton leaves. It is also a rare book and can sometimes be found. It has been reprinted  by the Canadian Museum of Nature and can be read online here.  It is very entertaining and at times very prophetic I will post some excerpts for your delight! I recommend clicking each photo (left to right) for chronological order.



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